My Cre8ive Journey

How I went from anxious and invisible to becoming an actor, writer, songwriter and part-time rapper! Well…a one time rapper thus far!!!

Deep down you know what you ‘MUST’ let go of.

Letting go of ‘THAT’ is the answer.

My creative flair, my creative fire, was directed through my work up until the age of 28. I was living a reality of ‘Work is life’, so I lived through work. When I moved to Canada in 2009 I was committed to letting go of that way of life. I found myself volunteering on organic farms, living on a beach in Carmanah on the West Coast Trail and experiencing things I had never experienced.

My creativity started with a decision to accept. I accepted something that would normally be a case of judgement and ridicule. I turned it into something that I accepted and knew I needed to see as perfect. I wanted to change my life after all so I needed to go where I had never been. I needed to accept the work of others, let go of my ego-driven judgement and fear to accept and open my heart.

So I made a decision I would not normally have made. For the record, the ‘something’ in this instance was a story on my healing work in a Victoria (BC) publication. I chose to write to the person and thank them for the story and tell them it was perfect. Two months later, I found myself in a recording studio auditioning as a male voice actor. I get the job and a month later I think…

“Hmmm…I might look for an audition for a film”

Keeping in mind I have no acting training whatsoever. I was simply encouraged by an experience and new found trust in myself I looked one afternoon and applied for an audition, went, got the role and as they say, the rest is history. As of May 2016 I have four feature film credits, eight short film credits and 12 national/international commercials.

I am also lyricist and poet. Again this is something that arose out of curiosity more than anything. I heard a song I loved and wanted to write something that may inspire someone. You can READ about the creation of that song HERE. In April of 2016 the lyrics of the song ‘Memoir’ made the semi-finals of the International Songwriting Competition and is set to be published in Volume 2 of U.S publication Stories of Song. My co-writer, David Christopher and I also recorded a song as a submission to the People for Peace Film Festival, that included a rap by yours truly. Life is to be lived, life is fun, it all starts with a choice.

Choose creativity if that is what you want. Make a conscious decision to flow with life in a state of grace. Ego-less. In a true space of authenticity.

“The curiosity to create, brings your dreams to life” That Healing Guy